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Palgrove Hannibal.png

Challambi Rover's Sire Palgrove Hannibal.

Images of Challambi Rover available upon request.


CHAR24E (P)   |   D O B : 0 4/ 0 6 / 2 0 2 0

A bull that needs some attention! He is sired by the breed legend Palgrove Hannibal. Hannibal’s progeny have topped the Mount William sale numerous years and have sold exceptionally well in the annual sale for Palgrove.


This bull is red factor and homozygous polled. His dam is the result of an embryo we purchased from Rosedale Charolais and is now a donor for us. M9s full flush brother is a leading sire for Glenlea and breeding very well.


This bull is soft, smooth and can really grow. His figures are outstanding top 5% for Calving ease daughters, 400 growth, Milk, Carcase weight, EMA, rib and Rump fat and IMF. Top 10% Gestation length, 600 growth, scrotal size and all index values. This bull is one not to be missed and will breed outstanding progeny wherever he goes.

CML Distinction.png

Valley View Cha Ripper's Sire CML Distinction.

Images of Valley View Cha Ripper available upon request.


C H A N 2 4 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 2 3 / 0 6 / 2 0 2 0

Cha Ripper's dam is the great Fernvale Chiffon!

Chiffon is Valley Views best cow.

His sire is CML Distinction, Distinction adds a tonne of growth to his progeny and Chiffon has outstanding carcase attributes.


If you like cattle with great pedigrees then this is your bull. He will be the only distinction calf from Chiffon so don’t miss an opportunity.


Top 10% for 200 and 600 growth, mature cow, scrotal and carcase weight.

Silverstream Landis.png

Challambi Rambo's Sire Silvertream Landis.

Images of Challambi Rambo available upon request.


C H A R 5 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 0 8 / 0 3 / 2 0 2 0

Outstanding! This is our oldest son of Silverstream Landis and raised on a 2 year old heifer.


We think very highly of this young bull, he would suit a range of markets. He will add weight to his calves and high carcase attributes that would provide high MSA grading on his calves.


This bull has great shape and length. Top 10% for Gestation length, 200 day, Mature cow, Rib and rum fat.

Silverstream Landis.png

Challambi Regal's Sire Silvertream Landis.

Images of Challambi Regal available upon request.


C H A R 9 E ( P )   |   D O B : 3 0 / 0 3 / 2 0 2 0

Growth! A Silverstream Landis son and this one weighed the heaviest at weaning.


His progeny will keep growing if you decide to keep them on and finish at heavier weighs.


He is structurally very correct and Homozygous polled, He will produce all polled calves even out of horned cows! Top 10% for Gestation length, 200, 400, 600 day growth and scrotal size.

Charnelle Louis.png

Challambi Rigger's Sire Charnelle Louis.

Images of Challambi Rigger available upon request.


C H A R 1 8 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 14 / 0 4 / 2 0 2 0

A well shaped wide topped bull! We used his sire to poll heads, increase muscle and retail beef yield and that he has done. 


This bull is a strong red factor bull with a deep body and that important softness to provide the ability to finish off grass.


His dam was a show heifer shown by the students from the Tumbarumba high school and his grand dam and great grand dam are both donors for us. Top 10% for EMA and Gestation length.

Silverstream Landis.png

Challambi Rocket's Sire Silvertream Landis.

Images of Challambi Rocket available upon request.


C H A R 1 2 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 0 3 / 0 4 / 2 0 2 0

A Silverstream Landis bull that is dark red and DNA tested homozygous polled. 


He has the ability to produce black and red calves from black cows.


This bull is thick and early maturing. His grand dam was a leading donor and has registered progeny in four different herds. His dam produced a great calf as a heifer which we sold as a yearling and this bull is just as good. Top 10% for Rib and Rump fat.

Silverstream Landis.png

Challambi Reginald's Sire Silvertream Landis.

Images of Challambi Reginald available upon request.


C H A R 1 2 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 3 0 / 0 3 / 2 0 2 0

Red! A powerful bull from a strong genetic line including Silverstream Landis, Palgrove Hallmark and Impair.


This bull will add grunt to his weaners and has the ability to produce black calves over black cows.


A bull suited to use on cows and get that extra weight a charolais can produce.

Silverstream Landis.png

Challambi Remus' Sire Silvertream Landis.

Images of Challambi Remus available upon request.


C H A R 1 2 E   ( P )  |   D O B : 0 6 / 0 4 / 2 0 2 0

Another 2021 Landis bull, these represent a great opportunity!


He has great length and growth. A grandson of our old donor dam Glenlea Elsa V14. 


These Landis sons will all add growth and weight to your weaners. This one is polled and heaps of growth.

Charnelle Louis.png

Challambi Roman's Sire Charnelle Louis.

Images of Challambi Roman available upon request.


C H A R 1 1 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 0 1/ 0 4 / 2 0 2 0

This bull comes from a great line of cows. His dam was a show heifer for the Tumbarumba High school and his Grand dam is a current donor.


This bull has incredible shape and growth. He would make an ideal vealer bull. His EBVs are where we like them top 1% For EMA, 10% for low birthweight, Gestation length, rib and Rump fat and IMF. A great bull not to be missed.

Charnelle Louis.png

Challambi Remington's Sire Charnelle Louis.

Images of Challambi Remington available upon request.


C H A R 1 0 E  ( P )  |   D O B : 0 1/ 0 4/ 2 0 2 0

A bull with great shape and very early maturing. He is sired by Charnelle Louis out of a cow that has never produced a bad calf.


This bull will produce vealers or grass finished cattle suited for MSA grading. Take him home and breed some great charolais cross weaners

Winchester Maximus.png

Challambi Royal's Sire Winchester Maximus.

Images of Challambi Royal available upon request.


C H A R 1 7 E  ( P )  |   D O B : 2 0 / 0 4/ 2 0 2 0

A red factor bull out of a first calf heifer.


A grandson of our best cow Gobongo Isabella.


This bull has exceptional length is upstanding and has a great temperament. He will add growth to his progeny.

Lt Venture.png

Valley View Romeo's Sire Lt Venture.

Images of Valley View Romeo available upon request.


V L W R 2 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 0 6 / 0 3 / 2 0 2 0

His EBVs are outstanding! Sired by Lt venture out of a Rio Rebby daughter.


This bull will produce very fast growing, early maturing calves.

Top 5% for calving ease direct, Gestation length, Birthweight, Milk, scrotal, Carcase weight, Rib and Rump fat, IMF and all index values.


You wont be disappointed in this bull.

Cedardale Zeal.png

Challambi Ryder's Sire Cedardale Zeal.

Images of Challambi Ryder available upon request.


C H A R 1 3 E  ( P )  |   D O B : 0 4 / 0 4/ 2 0 2 0

Long bull with excellent muscle expression. His dam we purchased as an embryo from Valley view charolais.


The Zeal progeny are very good early maturing type cattle and this bull is no different.


He will breed some excellent thick early maturing calves that you could set up to suit any market you chose. Top 10% for gestation length, 200 and 400 growth and scrotal size.

Winchester Maximus.png

Challambi Rabbi's Sire Winchester Maximus.

Images of Challambi Rabbi available upon request.


C H A R 2 3 E  ( P )  |   D O B : 1 7/ 0 5 / 2 0 2 0

A bull with great performance, Shape and depth, His dam is a first calf heifer and what a great job she has done on him.


​His sire was the top priced bull at the 2018 national show and sale coming from the Winchester stud with some great bloodlines.


His bull will add shape and weight to his weaners that would be  suitable for all markets.

Valley View Majestic.png

Challambi Roland's Sire Valley View Majestic.

Images of Challambi Roland available upon request.


C H A R 2 1 E  ( P )   |   D O B : 0 6 / 0 5 / 2 0 2 0

The only bull sired by Majestic.

Majestic has an outstanding Pedigree with Harvie redemption and Fernvale Chiffon, this bull also includes Lt Ledger and Impair.

He will add weight and shape to his progeny. He carries plenty of muscle starting from a low birth weight.

A great all round bull.

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