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Challambi Showgirl.JPG

Challambi Showgirl


Valley View Chiffon Silver.JPG

Valley View
Chiffon Silver

She breeds them good! Flush progeny on the ground by Cigar and Harvie Redemption. Challambi have embryos in the tank by Mac 2244, Elders Blackjack and Silverstream Manhatten.

Vallet View Chiffon Redemption.JPG

Valley View
Chiffon Redemption

A young cow owned in partnership with Valley View Charolais. She carries some of the best genetics in the breed, from Harvie Redemption and Fernvale Chiffon. This young cow produced the highest selling heifer at the Yea Southern Charolais Breeders Sale. She is calving this spring to Elders Blackjack and will be flushed to Valley View Leader. 

Valley View Estelle 214.JPG

Valley View
Estella 214

A powerful Impair daughter out of the noted Palgrove Estella cow line. The Challambi stud has bred some great progeny by Lt Wyoming Wind, Silverstream Landis and Lt Bluegrass. This cow will be flushed again after she calves to the CAPS sire Challambi Qantas. Future flushes planned to Cederdale Zeal and Wyoming Wind.

Rangan PArk Showgirl.JPG

Rangan Park Showgirl

A great cow that was purchased in the 2012 Rangan sale, sired by Silverstream Performer and out of the noted Palgrove Showgirl 6. The progeny from this cow have all been exceptional. She has been flushed to Tr Red Smoke and will be flushed again this spring to Gerard Pastor. G22 has a sire working in the Chardonnay herd and we kept a Thin Red Line son for in herd use, she is also the grand dam of Challambi Qantas the AI sire with Semex.


Gobongo Isabella

This cow was the 2nd highest priced cow in the red factor dispersal of Gobongo Charolais. She has produced our highest priced bull, selling to Glenlea Charolais for $10,000. She has been flushed to Ascot Galaxy, CML Distinction and Thin Red Line. Every daughter has been retained in our herd and some of these will become donors. 

Challambi Highness M9.JPG

Challambi Highness

This cow was purchased as an embryo from Rosedale and she has grown into an outstanding cow. Her EBVs and genetics are brilliant. She has been flushed to Rangan Park redemption E42 and Palgrove Hannibal. 

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